Wellchester Innovation has been formed to help NHS providers accelerate transformation, and learn from the lessons of one the UK’s leading Vanguard regions.

Led by the innovative senior team from Yeovil Hospital and supported by primary care leaders and commercial partner network, Wellchester can offer both short term consultancy services and long term partner relationships as part of ACO’s.

Yeovil Hospital and its primary care colleagues in South Somerset are recognised as one of the most advanced regions of the country for successfully integrating acute and primary care, and allowing collaboratively the introduction of new care models focused on the region’s most needy patients. The Hospital team have also developed what is probably the widest set of commercial partnerships that enabled the implementation of its strategy, and in many cases helped shape the strategy. Somerset is now on the brink of becoming one of the first areas of the UK to create an IACO, to take on a long term outcomes based contract.

 “We know that the NHS has to change at pace, so we are keen to support others replicate the learnings and know-how we have been through and accelerate the move from A to B. We are also very aware that the more organisations that replicate new care models the greater chance we all have of succeeding.”

Simon Lilley – Commercial Director, Wellchester Innovation & Yeovil Hospital

Meet the team


Paul Mears – “The Visionary”

Healthcare visionary leader, with commercial and public sector capabilities and international experience.


Tim Newman – “The Money-Man”

International B2B and B2C corporate, commercial and NHS experience.


Simon Lilley – “The Deal-Maker”

International B2C commercial marketing and partnership pedigree with recent NHS experience.


Jake Arnold-Forster – “The Boundary Pusher”

Serial entrepreneur and investor in health in the UK and US.